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I had my back injection this morning. This time it hurt worse and my back is hurting. Even the sedative (Nirvam) didn't really help. Or maybe I would have been screaming without it? 1dunno1

I was going to make breakfast bowls, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. So Mr just put the marie callender pot pies in the oven. Glad I bought them when they were on sale half price for an easy option.
 Quoting: Paranoiaaaaa

Sounds like you have like what I have. I am utter pain right now because of moving over state lines. Why I am getting quieter and quieter, I am in utter pain. Message me if you want to know my experience and tips and tricks.

Also sounds like certain medications you are immune too also. Something I wanted pointed out.

I can’t take Demeral or something like that, hardcore pain med. Does nothing to me.

I am normally under Pain Management but my medication cant cross state lines. Even put me in the ER on Monday from withdrawals with high blood pressure and chest pains, they thought I was having a heart attack.

Pain is no joke and no way to live. But I tried everything. Message me if you want to know Parr. hugs
 Quoting: Anonymous JD

wow, pain will make your blood pressure go higher.

were you injured too?

I wasn't even injured and I have a slipped disc in my neck and my spine doctor told me to do dead lifts and use and inversion table and my pain is manageable. Sometimes I'll have a bad flare up in my neck like when I use the leaf vacuum because the vibrations make the disc move slightly. I can't use anything that vibrates like a jigsaw massage. I used one on my husband and I got a flare up the next day in my neck and it takes a week of special exercises to get the numbness out o my hand.

Do you feel numb when you have the pain too?
 Quoting: chasity

My bones are deteriorating basically. And I was a hard worker, still try to be too. Started on my lower back which since has been rebuilt, I have more hardware in my lower back than the desk your sitting at right now. Now it is my neck and middle back.

Under pain management I can have a pain level of 2-3 and no one cant tell. I have a constant pain level of 6-7 now but woke up and cried a couple evenings last week with a 10 level for a couple hours.

Throw in I am all alone in a new state too.

Never let it stop you, I am going drive 30 miles in the mountains and cut wood at my buddies house so I can get stock wood for my Missouri Mud Racks.

Gotta do what you gotta do. But ya, I block it out the best I can and hide it. I’ll be talking and a tear could run down my face for no reason.
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