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Poster Handle Louis in Richmond
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Three pages left to catch up

I poured a beer, maybe posted once or twice, lay down on the den floor, and here it is seven hours later. 1rof1

I've made a cup of Earl Grey and have hot Italian sausage cooking in the oven which will be breakfast.

My kick-ass new PC with the SSD drive arrived today as well as a new 'typical gov issued' PC so I may troubleshoot issues on the same hardware in remote offices.

A police security PC failed and I have loaded its security software [what shows your pic when you scan your ID and it shows all door, and duress alarms] and it all works anywhere in our network under my police logon. but it won't work at the police desk where it needs to be.

It's a problem with how the switch and router guy has that port set up and he says it's my fault because I must have done something wrong with the new PC.

He's a dick.

I'll go in very early and obtain all the config specs from a different location security PC to show him the new one is exactly the same as the existing ones.

Then fuck it, I'm bailing early Friday because of the time I've spent fixing other's issues this week.

I didn't even get home until 7:00 tonight. My boss bailed early again and the director delegated all the stuff he doesn't want to do to me instead of my boss.

That has happened before and I was stuck with approving a few million in expenditures between Christmas and New Years because it seems everyone but me that could bailed the entire week.

I know it will happen again this year because I used three months of leave caring for the Mrs. so I'll be at the office for the holidaze.

I guess I can't bitch, I'm trusted to do my job or others' and I do it right the first time.

My Earl Grey is good and the sausage smell is wafting through the house.
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