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Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
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Ok I'm just going to say a couple more fucked up things my dad has said and done to me that kept me from talking to him, besides all the other crap he did, this is pretty much the straws that broke the camels back.

STrike 1
My sister bought dna tests for for my mom and dad and my dad was bragging about how she did that for him and it only cost $20. I told him I was looking everywhere for a link for that $20 test can he ask her to buy one for me and I'll give him the money to pay for the ones we get? He told no because I am not a part of the family.

STrike 2
My dad is in the hospital after having a stroke, instead of calling me, my sister and her husband call my daughter to go check on her grandpa, she finds him and is shitting her pants and scared. Why didn't they ask their adult child to check on him instead of my child? My daughter finally tells me he is in the hospital, I go to check on him and the nurse won't let me back there because he only has 1 daughter and it wasn't me. So I'm sitting in the waiting room for my dad to come back from testing and my sister and her husband fumble walking past me trying to ignore me but they went the wrong way to the elevator trying to not face me, then they had to turn and come my way again and I recorded them on the phone because nobody would believe it if I didn't show them how they acted in that sort of situation. Then my sister had a stroke not long after that incident. This is the second time they have done some stupid shit with me at a hospital and both times the shit they did returned to my sister.

That's how it happened.

My husband only buys me new cars to spite my dad too because when I was waiting for my husband to come to the usa my dad told me to take care of the car I had because I will never have anything nicer with my husband. He used to ask me when my guest was going to leave after he came to the usa too, he called him the fucking guest.

I have to call him to come over to get the mailing label today, my husband doesn't want him over when he is home. For some reason my dad thinks my husband enjoys his company.
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