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Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
Post Content

He can always sell you to me at discount and simply pay the child support. I hate partners who complain! Hence I am single and a monk!
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

How much would you pay for Chasity and I?

It would be fun if you get both of us... eyebat

I think monks are very interesting...

 Quoting: LittleMe

$777.00 each but your grumps need to pay child support...mine are grown!
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC


Only $777????

My ex-husband to be has enough money to take care of my boys... lmmoney
 Quoting: LittleMe

Magick number....777...long story if you do gematria? I'd be buying ya'll not renting...lol...that's just silly, but it's 516 am and I woke up at 4pm and am a bit wombly...7 prayer cycles a day when I am at home. You are included though as I stated to Pool last night I am not quantumly entangled with anyone but Louis. Though all your hearts are safe. I'll stick with the Q-tards for QE, we are in a battle...I don't want OP to cry...sibling-bonding! I keep listening to the same song over and over again and though I am good with cabin fever I keep breaking out with giggles and my lower back has been fixed remotely with reiki and the promenade is empty and my pub is closed....

I broke into song tonight but it was too loud...I guess as a Canuck I am supposed to go out and sing (I know the song and am a fairly deep baritone) [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] tomorrow at 3 to 'defeat the virus'...lol the non-existent one! Great...I guess that is Trudeaus plan to confront an invisible enemy and next will come our new fleet of LGBT painted War cones?

Someone hauled the Avro Arrow out of the sea along with JFK JR.s alive and fine body and then I might as well drop acid and become a Born Again...oh wait I already am a Born Again! SO once we regain our Arrow and the War Canoes come out and we don't let our military wear high heels we may become a global 'thuperpower' and Justin can piss off and I can finish my KFC and the world can go away!

But there is no more FIDE? I'm crying about that...I watch chess instead of drinking coffee or tea...in the am or whatever the fuck time I wake up...and I watched footy everyday until they shut that down just as Liverpool (who I do not like) were about to smash all records. And my pub closed...its a fucking damn fine thing the woemn that I just met and I get along because I have been here for a long time with one change of clothes, and we both just giggle.

I'm not going home until the end of this month. It's all good, Tim has stepped into Christian/parent role and is calming all my peeps down without trying to convert them! I have to stay because people without any people need people around them and this is my time. The wry grin I wrote about to Pool last night comes in very handy. Actually that was a really good post...I'm going to be a writer! But with my words.

I wish so badly I could curl ya'll up into candies and hold ya in the back of mouth until I could walk you all to safety and cough ya'll up. We could then figure out what to do with oysters, mussels and ling cod with no spices! Maybe a sly American could fit a gun in my mouth and we could take an elk and we could slow cook with kelp? Smoked sea salt? Alder smoked salt rocks...

I'm rambling and I don't mind..I hope OP watched that mountain bike vid I posted! I should lie down and watch the sunset soon. SOmetimes I get too complex for me to figure out...meh.
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