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Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
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I went outta town, then outta town, then into the land of Ichabod Crane where a covid survivors party was nestled. I had been there once before, so I knew the $10 shrimp crescent platter would be appreciated and the Corona beer be drank. We sat around barefooted and talked of submarine adventures, dead husbands, 'getting up into other people's business' before they screw up the family reputation, or those who were sent away due to the abusive co-dependency mannerisms, cruises in June, birthdays, whom cooked what and then we had a giant cup of fuckitall...almost everyone of them looked like shar pei grandparents, or else the HFCS was getting to me. I was invited to sleep in the hollow, but I stayed on the phone w RS until I was waaaaaaaay the fuck outta the woods. Made it back after a 12 hour day of adventures. Lance must have woke me up, cause I'm back at it with some hot tea.
 Quoting: pool

Ha...yes lacking QE doesn't mean I don't still send darts coated in tea....'tis only fitting. Technically I guess I should be slurring but I am wide awake and going to stay awake for the sunrise. 'Twas a big day with the death of the Fed and all. I want to see the sun come up on a new day.

Meh, now a bunch of people on FB all think I'm the crazy conspiracy theorist who is always right and I am getting bombarded with 'wtf' do I do requests...funny world. I guess this is why they named me 'Papa Lance' without knowing why. Where can I buy a bottle of 'fuckitall'...I want some, people are becoming tedious and I am running out of anything good to send them aside from prayers. My cash stash is running low and now I a lot of people in debt to me and I do not like it, at least they are all stocked.

Matsutake woman is good for 2 months. But I would surely like a shot of fuckitall, I'm barely drinking but I can taste, and better yet, smell 'fuckitall'. It has hints of something bittersweet, not exactly absinthe like, but close (who knows Pool could be trying to poison me?), a whiff of something that smells like a dead rat stuck in the wall. Some sort of odd liquer not unlike Strega. The only thing that has given me a real hangover.

The colour seems goldenish....the scent of Roberts Creek Congo has a similar pine scent when you rub your hand up the main stem. It is a uniQue smell. There is the mild aroma of apple blossoms and a hint of woodsmoke? Is that about right? No real flavour, just melancholy and salty tears and ???? it all just becomes a contextual muddle after that. As complex as a decent wine from the Languedoc, but not as pleasing. I guess it is 'fuckitall', afterall.
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