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Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
Post Content
There you go Pool... a new one for RS to learn! I wish I could!
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

What are your talents Lance, writer, chef?

That's very nice of you to keep him in mind, but he's writing more than repeating the past~
 Quoting: pool

I'm about to write a book (dictate more likely), and waiting for the world to come out of this and then my greatest skillset will come in play. I have 2 degrees and a Teachers Cert in permaculture. I can design the heck out of every property I lay eyes on. I'm considered a great, great,great,great,great,great...ah whatever 10x great grandfather in Permaculture in the PNW and most of Canada nad many places in the US. Plus I have access to the 'Roberts Creek Congo' and can grow it like no ones business. [link to phylos.bio (secure)]

Edible landscaping, cook, cannabis breeder/grower, writer, poet, inveterate drinker, and I wake up giggling and singing every damn morning/mourning I wake up...I can also look after children....lol...nada wrong with those skill sets! I think I'm one of about 200 Permies with a Teachers Cert.

I was saving it to move to the 500 acres I bought my son outside Tullum for a retirement to open a school, but present situations might make me rethink that plan (I hate Mexico anyhow) and hang my shingle. And if it goes a bit 'south' everywhere I can hang my shingle as an alt-healer (I've cur...I can't say that word, mitigated a few cancers) I worked with Gord Downeys (Tragically Hip) Dr briefly when he was dying from a glioblastoma but my weaker witchdoctor stuff can't do squat if the client is too far gone.

One email from an assistant I realized that some people use 'remedies of last resort' well after the sell by date. ANd in all honesty it is used in the medea (sic) as 'see it doesn't work', like I'm supposed to fricking reanimate a corpse or something. WHat other skills...oh I know, I can do a talking cure, and have had the extreme displeasure of being the person who ate others sins before they offed themselves. I'm sure there is more, but it's 7:14 am, the sun is 5 minutes or so from rising, the sky is robins egg blue, the lenticular clouds scooted off once I noted them and I should sleep.

I have more on my CV but meh...
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