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Is Morgan a girl name? I like Molly and Morgan, it's easier to say together. I bet they are so warm and fun to snuggle!

Mr, Chasity and I went to his park again today. This time he shoved 2 sticks of gum into his mouth and took some mentholyptus cough drops in his pocket. He ended up needing a cough drop and got it in his mouth in time before he started coughing. We did 3.3 miles today and I still look around 5 months pregnant.
 Quoting: chasity

They are truly funny bunnies. I think Morgan is gender neutral like PAT. Named for it's unusual brilliance, vocabulary and alpha skilz, for which Molly is like a butterfly mentality reliant on Morgan for support. I have no idea which is male or female.

Is Mr Chasity getting sick? I suggest mint tea, honey and zinc, but you already know that. hugs
 Quoting: pool

lol oh boy! You going to find out the hard way the genders! That's going to be super cute if they start making babies!!!!!

We thought Boris was a Darla for a long time. I even had a painting of her commissioned. [link to imgur.com (secure)]

Mr. Chasity always thinks he's dying from cancer. OMG, I had to listen to him whine and nag for a month before his bone marrow biopsy. A couple weeks ago Boris bit us both in the arm in the same place and made a scab then he goes back and bites the scabs and it hurts, Well Mr. Chasity's scab turned black and all of a sudden he has melanoma and I told him it's going to fall off and then the next couple days it fell off. He almost made a doctor appointment to check out a scab. He's fine, he just has sinuses, he already had covid around the time you were sick so I think we have the antibodies to it. We think he did, he was never sick like that and it all lines up. As soon as the anti body tests are available we are taking it. He making me snuggle and comfort him for 5 days, I was so mad during those days, he had the fucking plague and could have killed all of us. He'd probably want all of us to go down with him, at least me so I can't spend all the money without him lol. All he has is Thrombocyytopenia and he knows how to pronounce it properly.
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