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Poster Handle Sea Island Cotton
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4 yrs ago, I was diagnosed stage 3 breast cancer, right side. Took a year for treatments and a bunch of little surgeries.

About the third week in March this year, I was told it had come back and we are stage 4. I have 2 places in my spine, my liver, and on Monday I learned both lungs. Multiple lymph nodes.

I’m having a lot of fatigue and cannot get rehydrated

Tomorrow I will go see my oncologist to get a nasal swab done to make sure I don’t have corona, and an echo to make sure my heart is functioning properly for chemo. They are hoping I can get my port next week but if not and the awesome ladies in the infusion dept are ok giving me chemo through an iv, I will start that next week.

My 13 yr old daughter helps me through out the day when hubby is working. She is the best and I rely on her. I’m gonna get through this, it’s just gonna be a little more harder this time.

I ask for prayers for myself and my family especially my daughter. This is something she shouldn’t have to be going through and shouldn’t have to be worrying about losing her momma.

Much love to all of you and thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts. My family and I appreciate all of you.
 Quoting: Sea Island Cotton


I’m so sorry you’re going through all of that. verysad

Gonna pray for you my dear ... gonna pray for you and your loving family.

Have you ever heard of PROTOCEL? It saved my beautiful PHENN’s life.

Please, give it a try and have faith. [link to protocel.com (secure)]

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Love, prayers and blessings to you and your family!

Praying Smiley pry prayers pray prayers pry Praying Smiley pry prayers pray prayers pry Praying Smiley
 Quoting: LittleMe

Thank you my dear friend. I do believe in the positive effects of prayer and believe the more the better.

I did order the protecel. Sadly within less than 5 minutes of it going down, it comes right back up. I’m gonna give it a bit of time and then try again with better results hopefully.
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