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I've never tried fennel that I know of, does it have an anise taste to it? I don't care for that flavor for some reason. I don't think I would enjoy it.

Some woman stole my peace yesterday. I should have just let her cut in line but her reason was ridiculous.

My little girl and I went shopping for some summer clothes and I got in line and was waiting for a while, the line was pretty long. There was nobody behind me. The line starts getting shorter then all of a sudden a woman wiggles in front of me in line. I told her "excuse me, you can't get in front of me" I think she was trying to white guilt me with her African accent. She said, "didn't you see my shopping cart?" I said no. She kept insisting her shopping cart was in line but I did not see one until she ditched in front of me. I just kept insisting there was nobody in line, I've been last in line for 10 minutes you can't go ahead of me. Then she said fine, you can have this spot and she gets behind me.

This was the most ridiculous thing I have encountered in a long time. Then some other woman joined her in line, so the 2 of them were shopping and decided that they would just get in front of me when they finished shopping and left their cart in the middle of the walk way thinking the cart was going to push itself in the line.

Mr. Chasity said I have 86,400 seconds in a day and this brief 10 second encounter ruined my day. Should I have just let her go in front of me? I didn't want my little girl to see it was ok for people to push their way in front of you like that. I think I would have also set a bad example for my little girl. If that woman knew I was carrying she probably wouldn't have done that.
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