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On her face it looked like when she drove by rof
 Quoting: rewind

Ask the Sheriff to write you a letter stating they will press charges at your request (tell him it is for your peace of mind). Then tape a copy to her garbage can every time she doesn't place it on her property.
 Quoting: pool

so when I get this all done where I am working on the nice boarder area I will leave a circle of salt out there.. I will. I will buy some salt as mine is not the type to do this with, and I will put some creepy stuff out there.. some symbols etc.. maybe some chicken bones rof
 Quoting: rewind

I need to do something like this for Mr. Chasity's sake, we think someone is cursing him. Probably that witch that gave birth to me. WHich by the way I figured out how she is so intelligent and where I get mine from. I read narcissist have high level of emotional intelligence, which pretty much makes them smarter than someone with a high iq but not in control of their emotions. She is where I get my emotional intelligence from and I had no idea but should have known she has it too.

ANYWAYs I also read the narcissist that triangulates (turn other people against their target) is the worst and most evil of them all, then I figured out that every time I was alienated from something, she was involved.

My childhood best friend that I had since I was little moved to California in the 6th grade. A year later the witch sends my sister to go visit my best friend in Cali. That's when she tried to turn her against me and put my sister between us. It took years but her last attempt was when a 3rd cousin was in the USA and needed to get married, the witch took her to California to marry my best friends brother and then all of a sudden my bestie calls me and tells me the cousin said I am not allowed or invited to any of the wedding stuff!!!! I was like wtf, I never had any problem with her and it just dawned on me the other day, the witch had her hand in that. But I told my friend don't worry she won't marry your brother and after everyone bought their plane tickets to California for the engagement party, she called it off and fled the country lol. I totally predicted that and even warned my dad he is wasting his money on a plane ticket.
 Quoting: chasity


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