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Message Subject Breaking ;Civil war starting in France ? 80 year old woman dies hitten by tear gas canister during protests
Poster Handle thinking...
Post Content

America never had an invasion before
 Quoting: elcondor

We have had foreign troops on our soil twice.
 Quoting: Beast

 Quoting: 7.X.LepsihoLog

Why are you laughing at that? You should be the biggest fan of our War of 1812. Its hero was Andrew Jackson, the guy who famously is alleged to have said of the central bankers, "You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out." And he did.

 Quoting: Deplorable Revbo™

I was just about to post that, lol!

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