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Message Subject Breaking ;Civil war starting in France ? 80 year old woman dies hitten by tear gas canister during protests
Poster Handle elcondor
Post Content

We have had foreign troops on our soil twice.
 Quoting: Beast

Yes you are the foreign troops who wiped out the natives
 Quoting: elcondor

We Dutch do not exactly have a stellar record with the natives of Indonesia either.
 Quoting: Moppie

Welcome to the human race. Every nation has arrived at its current boundaries through invasion and war. Some were were a little more polite about it than others, but it was still invasion.

Wanna know something? The indigenous peoples of every continent and country, committed acts of theft, invasion and warfare.

Native Americans, North and South, practiced warfare, slavery, head hunting, genocide, ritual sacrifice on horrendous scales .....and oh yeah, cannibalism when they were a bit peckish.

No nation or race is innocent. However, many of us have grown past it. Many have not. You do not even want to know what still goes on in Africa to this day.
 Quoting: TempusFugitive

The richest country in Africa is Nigeria
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