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Message Subject Breaking ;Civil war starting in France ? 80 year old woman dies hitten by tear gas canister during protests
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

that is why belgrade was first juden frei city in europe....

 Quoting: 7.X.LepsihoLog

Belgrade was under German occupation and under direct rule of the Germans, there was a Serbian puppet but he had no power, the Germans pulled all the strings. Belgrade did not have much Jews in the first place. It is like blaming the Poles for the holocaust in Poland.
 Quoting: elcondor

that is what you think....
do you know why serbs do have over 30% of turkish/arabian genes in side them?....
they were their horse army to attack and steal....people around them plus kidnapping children which they have sold as slaves...for couple of hundreds of years...
white peoples children....
 Quoting: 7.X.LepsihoLog

Serbians have unique European DNA as has been proven, absolutely nothing in common with Turkish. Croatians have Serbian DNA. Human civilization started in what is now Serbia and expanded from there (one of the places in Europe).
 Quoting: elcondor

it is unique...
plus their homeland is in ancient kazaria read Caucasus...
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