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Message Subject Breaking ;Civil war starting in France ? 80 year old woman dies hitten by tear gas canister during protests
Poster Handle deplorable recollector
Post Content
Not civil war.


If Macron doesn't resign by Saturday (and it might even be TOO LATE) , France will see a full-blown revolution.

Students are supporting the yellow vests, and join the fray.Anyone that understands Europe protest history, also understands that when students protest in solidarity with workers and middle-class...it's game over.

I hope that sane and powerful people around Macron can convince him to resign...otherwise things will get ugly really, really fast.

And not only in France.

France is the beginning.
 Quoting: deplorable recollector

State of emergency and the military forces will restore order.
 Quoting: chm

Please provide ONE SINGLE example when this ever happened in a western country.

There isn't one.

You must be really young and quite uninformed.

NEVER EVER a state of emergency and army in the streets of a western country led to restoring order.

It ALWAYS ended in civil war or revolutions. neither is "restoring order".
 Quoting: deplorable recollector

France had a state of emergency for 2 years (2015-2017)
 Quoting: elcondor

And the French Army did what exactly?

Because this is what you said :

"State of emergency and the military forces will restore order."

Please stop being stupid. Nothing happened in 2015-2017 in France.
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