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Message Subject Trump is slammed for not reciting The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush’s funeral
Poster Handle GSB/LTD
Post Content
Why do people harp on every little thing while ignoring the obvious?

This man holds what is arguably the most powerful job in the world. So, let's think about that for just a second.

Imagine the data that is running through that man's brain every single waking moment. Information so compartmentalized that staffers in the same office can't share it, let alone understand it's full scope.

So, I think it's fair to assume that President Trump just had more important things to think about while he was sitting in that pew - far more important than reciting a creed which was certainly not written or spoken by any Apostle. He took 30 seconds in a three hour ceremony to seperate himself from his surroundings.

How often does your mind wander at work? Or for that matter, at home? I'd guess frequently. We never notice it unless our lapse causes us later grief. When you are POTUS, those lapses can prove devastating which is why it takes a very special man to be President of the United States. It's not so much about talent, or inherant wisdom, but more about focus and having the ability to recognize -and act upon- priorities.

And that's why I'm willing to cut this one a little slack if he takes a few moments to disconnect from what is a very controlled ceremony to ponder things pertainng more to life, instead of death.

BTW: if you need proof of how many people allow their minds to wander, just look at the other faces sutting in that Cathedral and notice how many eyes are just looking around. They're not focussed on what's being said: they're checking out other people, that huge impressive building or simply sitting there looking really bored. To her credit, Hillary Clinton was always focussed - just notice how often she looks directly at the cameras on her! 'Nuff said, there!
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