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Message Subject Trump is slammed for not reciting The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush’s funeral
Poster Handle Elsion
Post Content
Revenge Round 2. In progress.
Why Is it so Hard to Live the Christian Life?

This happened because she was a crypto Jew, masquarading as a Christian, to damage Christianity and infiltrate prominent
Christians, and she did that job VERY WELL.

The beauty of the Jewish tradition part is quite stomach turning.

Jesus condemned their traditions quite forcefully.

For example- Luke 11:39-54. They'd call that "antisemitism" today though, which is probably why the ADL wants to ban the New Testament.

Note: Do Jews ever pay taxes? Or do they just make up shits about Ukraine and guys in caves..hoax, Tel Aviv scribed.

So why wasn't everyone born Jewish?

Because somebody has to buy retail and pay taxes.
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