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Message Subject Trump is slammed for not reciting The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush’s funeral
Poster Handle GSB/LTD
Post Content
The Catholic church has its members trained like monkeys.

I never recite that BS Oath of obedience.

I do not believe there is only 1 Catholic church !
Christianity is in your heart and with you everywhere.

I do not believe that pontius pilate killed Jesus.
The Pharisees (Jews) did, It's abundantly clear if you read the bible.

That creed is just another example of how the church maintains control of its members through ritual. It also reveals who is in control of the church. They don't want free thinkers.

I was an Alter Boy 2nd grade - 8th grade. Our family parish priest served 8 years in jail for multiple counts of child molestation and has disappeared from society since he got out. My guess is that he's back at the mother ship in Rome now.
 Quoting: Norske_in_Merika

Pontius Pilate had Him tortured/Whipped.
 Quoting: Dan Dread

Jesus was convicted and crucified because he broke the Roman laws that strictly forbade the worship of any God/Gods that were not officially recognized and only the Roman Senate, the Emperor or the Vestals could decree new ones. PERIOD.

Since the Roman government and it's religious structures were so tightly knit, it was considered among the most grievous crime against the Empire to do so... and THAT'S why Jesus was crucified. It was never that Rome feared the Christians or their new faith - it was simply against the law!

It shold also be noted that Jesus' punishment -crucifixion- was strictly reserved for the highest of criminals against the Empire. Lessor criminals would face decapitation or burning, right down to the common slaves who were executed in the arena for sheer entertainment value.
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