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Message Subject Trump is slammed for not reciting The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush’s funeral
Poster Handle RetiredSeniorChief
Post Content
Isn't that a Catholic prayer?
 Quoting: Theobromine The Deplorable

No. It is not a Catholic prayer in the sense of today's Antichrist Catholic church. Catholic in the Creed and the days it was written simply meant "Universal." The true Catholic church is the universal Body of Christ. The Catholic Popish religion hijacked the term.
 Quoting: InPneuma

Yes it is Roman Catholic, it is not biblical. The true church is Holy Spirit led, New Testament, with the 1st century church as a model. Not the 501c3 spiritually empty church such as the Roman Catholic.
 Quoting: RetiredSeniorChief

Your comment shows a great deal of ignorance to Church history. It is sad how uneducated today's Saints are. It is why we are getting clobbered by the secular world.
 Quoting: InPneuma

Its sad how ignorant you are of the True church history which began in the 1st century AD not the 4th century when the Roman Pagan leaders hijacked and persecuted the true Christians. You can not be a Christian Church with 501c3 status, it makes the church a Non-Profit Corporation. And you can not be a true Christian Church with rehearsed memorized unbiblical chants. You sir are deceived, I pray that the Holy Spirit opens your eyes and heart to understanding the truth.
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