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Blue Monday as you have never heard it before.


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12/06/2018 11:14 AM

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Blue Monday as you have never heard it before.

The Discord server for general and Q-related chat is here...

Q related chat (ONLY for Q related subjects) - [link to discord.gg (secure)]

General - for general GLP-type chat - [link to discord.gg (secure)]

Esoteric-Q Chan - [link to discord.gg (secure)]

Q's posts - [link to qanon.pub (secure)]

Original thread - Thread: QAnon: It's on, don't panic

[link to qmap.pub (secure)] - In depth Q information.

Q memes - [link to threats (secure)]

Q proofs - [link to threadreaderapp.com (secure)] and [link to www.qproofs.com (secure)]

Great charts tracking verifiables - [link to public.tableau.com (secure)]

Infographs showing the Spy Structure - [link to i.imgur.com (secure)] & [link to i.imgur.com (secure)]

Page 1065 for 8 guide

[link to me*a.nz (secure)] - (change * to g). This is a program to pull notables from 8.

Q clock - [link to me*a.nz (secure)] (change * to g)