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High security at Chinese VIP gambler’s rural Chilliwack compound

Chilliwack, BC

User ID: 77088318
12/06/2018 12:21 PM

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High security at Chinese VIP gambler’s rural Chilliwack compound
Driving through sleepy Greendale on the western edge of Chilliwack one winds past poultry barns and hay fields, horses grazing and farm dogs running out to greet passersby.

There is one property in that rural area of the municipality, however, that has long proved to be a curiosity, a bit of a mystery, a “neighbourhood wonder” as one former neighbour put it.

Inside is a 10,000-square-foot home with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, with a BC Assessment value of $2.5 million. An adjacent property also inside the security barrier is assessed at $1.2 million.

And after a Global News report Thursday, some of the mystery behind the property has been revealed, as the apparently French-style mansion was built by a Chinese gambling VIP allegedly connected to the RCMP’s probe of money laundering at Richmond’s River Rock Casino, itself tied to international drug trafficking.

[link to www.theprogress.com (secure)]

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