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Message Subject TUCKER says Ocazio and socialist party is "the future" and Trump doesn't know what he's doing.
Poster Handle rosicrucian1
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[link to www.msn.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Mike_Grimmel

from the link above:

I mean let me just be clear. I'm not against an aristocratic system. I'm not against a ruling class. I think that hierarchies are natural, people create them in every society. I just think the system that we have now the meritocracy, which is based really on our education system, on a small number of colleges has produced a ruling class that doesn't have the self-awareness that you need to be wise. I'm not arguing for populism, actually. I'm arguing against populism. Populism is what you get when your leaders fail. In a democracy, the population says this is terrible and they elect someone like Trump.

so Carlson is an elites snob who sees himself above Trump and above the lowly people and thus hates populism...

either he said this or he did not...

somebody needs to call him out.

if he said it he is dead to all real conservatives.

Did Fox offer him a promotion to stab Trump in the back I wonder?
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