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Trump caught on film practicing Snake Yoga at Brahmin Sikh Ashram in India

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United States
12/07/2018 10:06 PM
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Trump caught on film practicing Snake Yoga at Brahmin Sikh Ashram in India
no toupee, killer tan... this is the real Trump in his higher self form, the spiritual dimension. It's why the higher level sikhs, indians, business men and even the rare intellectual-level of the "community" can recognize, see past his cover, and understand his spiritual snake-whisperer powers..

sure, when he's talking to the public in simple terms they can understand he may be wearing a suit, but what you see in this video is a better depiction of the type of magick he is conducting in the alternate unseen dimension above their heads, doing ritual work and singing subliminal ancient occult mantras that speaks to the serpent demons in the room, he captures them upon his rod of power, twists them upon each other.. up up they go!

what they don't tell you is that Trump acting as a political genius is merely just part of who he is, that is just a game he, unfortunately for the libtards, excels at beyond their wildest comprehension... but in his heart he strives merely to be a good Christian man.... gentle as a dove, but wiser than the serpents who conspire to poison him at every step... He realized as early as 18 that in order to do that, while he observed the people around him who were drinking and doing drugs in college, he intuitively saw with his sexually awakened third eye that it was "tamasic" to stay there in that pit of vipers and no good for his karma.. he began yoga at 18 in private from self study (he is a genius 190iq auto-didact at this point, not yet broken the quantum code).. and not after too long, he had a kundalini awakening and decided to instead of stay in the US partying with chicks getting hot bjs, to go on a 9 year vision quest in Jesus footsteps to india and became annointed as a sikh warrior yoga transcendental guru snake master. He is a real-deal bodhisatva shaman wizard kundalini sex god manifestation of maetreya in the new age circles, if u haven't read between the occult fake-news lines (snakes) yet and seen past his obvious role playing - they test their lower level subject by not outright telling them that's what he is, to see if they really have pierced the veil or not... that is their test, and of course most fail! And of course, If you understand the symbolism of the two serpents intertwined around the staff of hermes that permeates times, cultures, myths and race itself for thousands years -- the very signal to the adepts of the kundalini brahmin illuminati ascended masters to recognize each other from the times before vedic sidereal atlantis lemuria -- then you understand the level of Snake Yoga that Trump is at and is why only certain awakened souls (such as kanye west) can resonate with him and is confusing to the spiritual profane blind masses; these brothers of his have met him in the quantum 4D Chess Q Oasis Beyond The Second Veil.. you know where I'm talking about if you know (if not, get lost - this post is not for you)... His special knowledge that he learned on his 9 year kundalini vapasana - it is where he learned how to subdue the various opposed factions of the political washington DC homo snake cults that by now is plain obvious to even the sheep is a cesspool swamp of venom of multiple "persuasion" and needs to have shamanic/demonic spiritual work done, at this point no human can save us.. their gnashing and venom has affected us all beyond the physical and it takes a wizard such as Yoga Trump levitator psychic conan to cut the head off..

namaste Trump!! Godspeed! Keep protecting us, sir!

You all should cut him some slack, he's still coming down from Diwali chai tea kegger at Nikki Haley's lesbian sikh wedding in punjab... had to be there, was rager. It's all good. It is what it is. We need understanding! Let it be. Smile on ur brother guys! The snakes are under control with magic! If Q wasn't under control of the deep state censor, he'd agree and tell u the same!

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United States
12/07/2018 10:10 PM
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Re: Trump caught on film practicing Snake Yoga at Brahmin Sikh Ashram in India
Sounds legit.