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Message Subject I think I know why the west is so nostalgic about nazism
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nostalgic? About World War II? Nazi's???

Old people ARE nostalgic about the old values of that time. Like, for instance.. how America used to be a Christian nation.
Used to be a society that was moral and decent.

You know, Nazism seems to be coming back .. only this time, with a different name; The New World Order.

Back in the 60's,
JFK was all about keeping America decent and moral.
He was a one of a kind president, I think.
I was in 5th grade when he was killed.

When he died, our nation took a deep blow. A wound.
It was never the same.

American History is real interesting. You should look on youtube for video's on how it used to be in the world. The USA was the greatest. By far.

President Trump is trying to whip-up our nation to feel that "greatness" that America USED to be.
I give him credit for that.

Hey Kid. You live in very weird times. Technology and all that. Go look at videos that depict what it was like to live in the 40's or 50's.

It was a different world, I'm telling you.
 Quoting: Rayelle

Ok I will see it
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