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Message Subject Freemasonry: I'm coming clean
Poster Handle InTheCups
Post Content
rings true.. What did a bunch of stone masons, mathematicians, geomancers?, and students of ancient mystery schools and the esoteric ever do to deserve such criticism?

If you wanted to study any of those things, do you think you deserve to be attacked and scapegoated for the world's problems?

its the corrupt global elite and illuminati that deserve the criticism.
 Quoting: Agent Smith 2014

Wait what if some corrupt global elite agents are joining the Freemason ranks pretending to study geomancing and spirituality?
 Quoting: JapaneseGirl007

japanese girl posting with a switzerland proxy??
 Quoting: jake

Im not the average dumb person who dont know to use the untrusted internet
 Quoting: JapaneseGirl007

No, you're a very "special" dumb person....

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