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Message Subject Freemasonry: I'm coming clean
Poster Handle Ozric
Post Content
I'm coming clean It's not the freemasons stalking people But it's people who hate freemasons and infiltrate them The masons get scapegoated. The ones doing the stalking are extremist christians and sometimes in hive minds

 Quoting: JapaneseGirl007

I have my doubts about this, OP, but ok...
 Quoting: darkwolf007

Freemasons are the perfect scapegoat for conspiracies Think about it for a minute You think it's Freemasons or The Jews and you're angry.... and it continues Why? Because it's not them
 Quoting: JapaneseGirl007

I hate to say this but most of them were silly enough to join...the lower levelers know nothing and many are really what most would consider good people... maybe very gullible but not meaning harm etc... then as they get deeper they get trapped. If you seek the high levels you may get high enough to learn the truth of who they worship, why, and where it all began etc.. but most likely you wont get that far. Those in the upper levels however know exactly these things and the "whys" and "how comes".. the bees know not. The builders of the nest however, that is another story.
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