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movie idea

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12/10/2018 07:35 AM
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movie idea
time travel

guy keeps looking at a printed picture of the Mayan rock where the serpent rises up between the four rocks on top, and the rise and run of 5 to 2 rocks plotting sag deg angle.

sees either mother or niece either strangling, or keeping alive with oxygen, himself, head being pointed at by the bottom corner of the second run block, mother or niece looking down as you ignore the face of the Indian(pardon my french.... i mean American) looking upward toward the coming dragon, and also seems to be trying to stop him from talking.

picture changes with wondering and knowing, and thinking, and up comes more things into the changed picture as if they were time travelers or he would be one day.

Warning pictures, knowing he would in his youth Stare at it and when time travel occurred, horrified to go back and see there was this same rock and always going back to carve the rock? or someone else carving the rock.