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Prophecy for South African white farmers

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12/10/2018 07:50 PM
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Prophecy for South African white farmers
Here are the steps that will be involved in seizing the land from South African farmers:

1. Seize it without compensation. - The farmers will then be homeless and if not taken in elsewhere, many will then be killed on the streets.

2. Rejoice at how the white villain was wiped out in one fell swoop and how everyone is now "liberated".

3. Party for a few months.

4. Start wondering why the variety of foods have started to dwindle after a few months.

5. Blame the white man for food shortages after about 6 months.

6. At about 8 months after taking the land, ask other white men in Europe to feed you, because the evil whites of South Africa planned a famine on purpose.

7. At just short of a year, grab whatever whites were not killed off or did not successfully flee, send them back out onto the farms. Tell them how to do it your way and have the famine continue.

8. Two years into it, keep the land, tell the whites to reveal all their secrets of farming, (there won't be enough left alive at this point to make a difference) and then kill them because they plotted to destroy the country by starving it. Beg for people from elsewhere to come and save you.

CHINA THEN MOVES IN, SEIZES EVERYTHING, has extreme security to protect them from the idiots, runs successful food operations from tight enclaves no black man can ever enter because they don't want to be killed the way the whites got killed, and China takes ownership of South Africa.

9. Five years on, South Africa's population is: Less than 1 percent white, 30 percent Chinese, 5 percent Hindu and 64 percent black. 10 years on the Chinese live in sparkling cities, and the black population has been flushed into tin roof shacks. Oh well, because the Chinese are running the show, at least they have electricity.


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