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Message Subject Notes from the Second Earth: "The Greatest Story Never Told" The End of Deception (page 33)
Poster Handle SpawnX
Post Content
NASA has used up approxiamtely $1.32 trillion USD in its 60-year history (about $22 billion per yar)

Yet, somehow they don't have anyone or any software to process raw images?

 Quoting: Taom

Vig comes to play? The interest and cost of living in the greatest nation.

Most NASA hourly-salary workers do not see what is hidden in plain sight?

Is it in human nature to take secrets to the grave, nah.

In combat sports when a fight is fixed only one side of the party knows its fixed while the other party thinks its real.

Cannot get enough money or production.

Thus we find the average American worker a hamster upon a wheel…running mostly in place:

[link to i.pinimg.com (secure)]

In 1971, you could buy a new Ford F-150 for $2,500. At $4 an hour, it took 625 hours to buy the truck.
Today’s model costs $30,000, and the average hourly wage is $26. So the wage earner has to work for 1,154 hours to get a standard F-150. Put another way, he has to sell almost twice as much of his time to get a set of wheels.
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