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Message Subject Notes from the Second Earth: "The Greatest Story Never Told" The End of Deception (page 33)
Poster Handle Taom
Post Content
Glad to have a front seat to be following along.

I'm totally down for an expedition or a high altitude balloon launches from the bottom of South America. My current narratives dictates that in a few years I will have a 7 figure salary and ample free time. If there is a conspiracy, I will surely find a way to reclaim my personal power.

That said, apart from you some how always being one step ahead of me in metaphysical understanding, the manifestation aspect remains lacking.

Number of classic cars owned? 0
 Quoting: TheBecomingest

Was the point to own a classic car, or was there something more?

Do you remember me saying, repeatedly, that the car represents something else that is being ignored?

Would I really spend much time helping someone achieve a piece of metal with four wheels, or is there a greater something involved?

How many times would you like to be tickled?

Number of Fenn treasures/lottos won? 0
 Quoting: TheBecomingest

Did this treasure-seeker respond to my last message? Did something extraordinary happen with the casual lottery exercise that was ignored?

How important is it for the metaphysical to manifest itself in things that agents of Chaos says are valuable? Is there something greater involved, or is it about the nature of money and value itself? (Something I have talked about extensively.)

If the greater reality is much different from the current one, how obvious do you think it would appear? Would there be things that we need to figure out for ourselves?

Being told something is ineffective.

Being presented with evidence for something is a little more effective, but still ineffective for things that really matter.

Experiencing it for oneself is far more effective, especially for things that really matter.

How many sandwiches do you really want?

"Last Thread" promises kept? 0
 Quoting: TheBecomingest

The other thread was a 'final thread' as far as I could see (which isn't far at all) but now there is a new orbit for me and this material, so to speak.

It is a return to a certain kind of awareness.

It is represented by the transition to 'Taol', for which I retain full memory and understanding. A second-coming of Chaol, in a way, with greater awareness of who and what.

And, it's just a thread :) not a promise. I can only promise mild forms of entertainment with brief nudity and language.

Extraordinary claim require extraordinary evidence.
 Quoting: TheBecomingest

The reason Maria (as Chaol) said this is entertainment is because the process isn't understood. Even I didn't understand it until just a couple of weeks ago.

As Maria said a few times, if she is believed then she has failed. The point is not to provide 'evidence' to the public or here on this forum. (That would be meaningless.) These threads are 'notes' to myself for a greater awareness of who and what I am. To an outsider, it looks like entertainment. Like Mickey Mouse. Something that should not be taken seriously.

But those who understand, let them understand.

Any thoughts on finding a way to Shambhala?
 Quoting: TheBecomingest

I don't know anything about Shambhala, other than how it is pronounced :)
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