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Message Subject Notes from the Second Earth: "The Greatest Story Never Told" The End of Deception (page 33)
Poster Handle Taom
Post Content
I keep on mentioning that I find it weird there is so much violence in current movies to film lovers in my circle of friends. They don't seem to get what I talk about... Maybe they are brainwashed already.

(It has come.to the point that I hardly watch movies anymore. I cannot stand it)
 Quoting: tuuur

Yes, and this is the same industry that talks about gun control by promoting the use of irresponsible gun ownership (and gun violence) in their movies and movie posters.
 Quoting: Taom

Strange and hypocrite.

I noticed the SJW's complaining about a 1940s Christmas song that cannot be played anymore, because the remark "is there something in my drink" (or something like that) was implicitly sexist.

At the same time they ignore the explicitly sexist hip-hop "songs" on heavy rotation on mainstream radio and video channels.
 Quoting: tuuur

The point is to destroy Christianity by destroying Christian values in every form, including culture derived from it.

Some history: [link to rationalwiki.org (secure)]
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