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Message Subject Notes from the Second Earth: "The Greatest Story Never Told" The End of Deception (page 33)
Poster Handle LKing
Post Content
The nastiest, most bitter and pure hot chocolate you've ever had.

It will make you scream "sugar!" to satiate your chaos molecules.
 Quoting: Taom

I’m curious about this...

Wouldn’t “nastiest” and “most bitter” be just as much chaos as “nicest” and “sweetest”?
 Quoting: OTR

In this upside down world, sweet is sour and sour is sweet.

When we've been conditioned to believe that a good action film needs a lot of violence, for example, then a good one that doesn't have it probably won't be seen as a good one.
 Quoting: Taom

I keep on mentioning that I find it weird there is so much violence in current movies to film lovers in my circle of friends. They don't seem to get what I talk about... Maybe they are brainwashed already.

(It has come.to the point that I hardly watch movies anymore. I cannot stand it)
 Quoting: tuuur

That is the world they live in.

People only see what is relevant to them.

I have a taste for violence..if a fool runs up to try to hurt me or my family you best believe he or she is getting dealt with.

Embrace what you resist and watch your self progress.

(Although the head ache after a heavy sparring session is wank, I would rather find out my limits in a controld environment rather than these streets)
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