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Message Subject Notes from the Second Earth: "The Greatest Story Never Told" The End of Deception (page 33)
Poster Handle Taom
Post Content
Moat is an accessible place. As time is force in motion. It has a measurement of change. Energy/force to be in motion has a pattern and is limited within earths/holographic confinement as its contained at a specific location which is distinguishable from other locations (space).

Question is how do we follow the pattern of elections that flow around the nucleus (moat).
 Quoting: SpawnX

Everything is 'accessible' but I suppose you mean that you want to be conscious of accessing it, not just access it.

Your consciousness right now is being conscious of accessing it. A greater part of it (besides dreams, memory, imagination, ESP, etc)?

There are no electrons now. 'Electrons' are folded into your current perspective. What is it that keeps your physical reality 'real'? What is the force that holds it up? Isn't your current perspective like a dream?

Begin to see the dream in physical reality. I don't know if that would work for others, but it works for me. (And there may be a risk of 'losing your mind' with whatever instructions I give you)
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