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Message Subject Notes from the Second Earth: "The Greatest Story Never Told" The End of Deception (page 33)
Poster Handle Taom
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I noticed on your website the countdown clock is labeled the return of Christ. What does the return of Christ look like in This day and age?
 Quoting: Lady of Stars

Not this day and age :)

1700+ more days.

[link to everipedia.org (secure)]

It is the destruction of religion, which is 'everything' in this day and age. Every aspect of our civilization and society is directly affected by religion.

There is only one religion on Earth. And it is Chaos, and we are all participants.

You’ve spoken of the Jesus Group before. Are you talking about the literal return of the messiah or something totally different?
 Quoting: Lady of Stars


But the 'messiah' is not a person.

Is it more of an idea, a consciousness, a group of people, a singular person? Or...?
 Quoting: Lady of Stars

The end of a cycle, I guess you could say. But we, as humans, tend to want ideas to be represented by a single person. Thus, a 'messiah'.

The agents of chaos are preparing for it now. That's why "Donald" Trump is in office.

I am curious. Is there anything you can share about this? When you say “Christ”, what is your definition because that’s a loaded word/idea that people relate to very strongly.

 Quoting: Lady of Stars

Christ as in Kristna, an incarnation of harmony (the 'god Vishnu'). In Vishnu's left had it's held a lotus flower, representing Order. In its right, a discus, the most powerful weapon, representing Chaos.

Nothing religious, but it's often interpreted religiously because we have been conditioned to by the agents of chaos who prefer to hide 'the truth'.

These are all things happening right now on a metaphysical level. Armageddon, 'the apocalypse', etc., which most of us will be sleeping through and not realize what is actually happening.

We are the agents of chaos.

"Christ" is a kind of way of thinking that brings our Chaos into more harmonic terms.

We think we are 'good', of course. But the reality is that we are not. Evil will all ways think itself as doing the 'right' thing and being 'good'.

These are bitter, hard pills that very, very few would want to swallow. That's where the harmony (Christ, or whatever) comes in.

In order to bring about harmony we can realize that we are our own enemies.

But, again, most will not realize what is happening. They will see this played out in ways that are more relative to them.
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