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Subject GLP dictionary and FAQ's
Poster Handle Ulvfox
Post Content
Sometimes it bothers me when threads are interrupted by bad grammer or questions that go unanswered. Here are some tips for those of us that are literally morans:


There - they're - their

They're over there by their tomato plants.

To - two - too

I gave two to those morans too.


Q: When should I bring in my tomato plants?
A: When it's time.

Q: What was the submarine doing in the Gulf?
A: It was curious.

Q: Why is there always Porn in the woods?
A: There just is.

Q: Why do strange things always happen in the woods?
A: They just do.

Q: When should A1 sauce be added?
A: When you need more flavor.

Q: When is it appropriate to shave?
A: When it's absolutely necessary.

Q: Is it real?
A: It only feel's like it is.

This is just a small part of what makes GLP GLP. I'm sure there are many more, feel free to add your observations.

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