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Who wants to help me brigade a website?

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12/17/2018 02:54 PM
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Who wants to help me brigade a website?
I was a member of this fishing forum and I posted a thread about a particularly expensive piece of gear on the market and why I could not agree with the cost of it.

A LOT of people chimed in and agreed with me.

A moderator jumped into the mix and said we were all just "envious and jealous and were bashing stuff because we couldn't afford it...and we did not know what we were talking about."

Well, I could not let that stand so I came back with a 'no one is bashing anything sire...we just don't agree that this is necessary"...mauybe a few other choice words in there...BUT...very carefully chosen words....I attacked nor insulted anyone. I have been a member of this site for a few years...I know how the tyrants in charge are....

he banned me and his excuse in the email was that I had a "bad attitude and was bashing the staff"...not true.

I want to make them pay for that because that is bullshit

Problem is, on this site, if they ban you, you have no recourse, you have no negotiation. You can't contact other members, you cannot even contact the staff.

I managed a wrk around through a proxy and was able to fire off a "WTF was I banned for" through the "contact us" email function but I doubt it will do any good

Who would like to help me make a bad day for these tyrants?

Just a few sneaking iin would be awesome to wreck their little dictatorship.

Key notes...you have to join . You request a mambership. You have to use a valid email. You have to accept a membership when it is offered via email.

I have read the TOS multiple times and no where does it say you have to bend over and get plowed by tyrants.

if anyone is interested in having some fun, let me know

it is a fishing site for fuck's sake...it should not be expecting religious doctrine...

If anyone is interested, I'll post the addy ad we can commense on having some fun

I'll make a new gmail or yahoo account and rejoin and get back into the mix soon.

The idea is to get this one dude removed as admin...his name is synonymous with multi species dog
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