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Wichita City Library To Decide Whether Drag Queens Can Proseletyze In Public Facility

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12/18/2018 01:52 PM
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Wichita City Library To Decide Whether Drag Queens Can Proseletyze In Public Facility

Last September a Drag Queen presented a pro-Gay reading before a group of supportive parents/children at the Wichita Public Library and the feces hit the Vornado with footage of "Divinity Masters" aka Brad Thomison causing a big-assed stir when it hit the internet. Brad's comment was "Places like libraries and City Halls/parks and schools, everywhere the public gathers, everyone should feel welcome."

Now then: I am retired Gay activist of nearly 40 years and I met little Brad whe he first hit town about twelve years ago; fresh-faced and cute as a button he was more than ready to experience the "big City" [since he hailed from a smaller KS town, Wichita was a the big-time to him]. He was really handsome and eager to please and I have no doubt that's just what he did; it also explains how he qickly became entrenched within Wichita's Gay community and someone who's always approached when the local news needs a quote. Along the way, Brad has lost not only his innocence but also his looks, now topping the scales at over 200 lbs. He's also become more radicalized in the process and he's more vocal than ever before.

Needless to say, after his "performance" at the library, local Gay people crowed about his latest coup [These kinds of drag library readings are now popping up all over the country and are nothing more than low-key attempts to indoctrinate the public that it's "okay" to have 4 yr olds listening as long as their ignorant Mommies/Daddies approve].

But there was also an immediate public backlash over what went down. Today the Wichita Public Library Board of Directors is re-evaluating their policies to determine what may/may not be acceptable for public consumption. They have already gone on record as saying they favor offering a voice to "diverse" elements of Wichita and they host some 3,000 group events annually. But those other events rarely poke a hornet's nest like Brad's did -after word got about what happened, the WPL received hundreds of negative repsonses from the public- which is why they are now wringing their hands over what to do in the future when Brad and his glittered buddies want a repeat performance.

And, you just KNOW they WILL!

Even if the WPL directors were to reach a decision today [and they won't!], this story is far from over.

As I said: I know Brad and he'll work this raw nerve for all it's worth becvuae if he can pull off a big-enough circus he'll soon eough be headlining show clubs in KC, or [gasp!] the big-money circuit that St. Louis, Chicago, L.A. or SF offer.

BTW: in case you're wondering why an old Queen like me opposes this kind of thing.... it's because I've been around a very long time [I'm 65] and have seen this kind of subtle social-conditioning before. And, I'm very, very tired of it. But, I also have no personal animus against Drag performers... during the 80's when I lived in SF I both knew/dated members of the Royal Court and even performed onstage with them [As I said: I've been around!].

Having said that, I may be Gay but I still know the difference between right and wrong and doing such a "progressive" reading before impressionable young children is solidly the latter.


[link to www.kwch.com (secure)]

I pledge to update this thread as local events unfold, but don't expect any official action until after the holidays. NO public official -no matter how insignificant- wants to be a Grinch at Christmastime!

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12/18/2018 04:14 PM

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Re: Wichita City Library To Decide Whether Drag Queens Can Proseletyze In Public Facility
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12/18/2018 05:26 PM
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Re: Wichita City Library To Decide Whether Drag Queens Can Proseletyze In Public Facility
That's it. I'm setting up a gun line around the prison I'm confined to.
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