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is Lynn psychic?? Best explanations of Kavanaugh, Sunspot shutdown, Bush Funeral letters

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12/19/2018 01:40 AM
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is Lynn psychic?? Best explanations of Kavanaugh, Sunspot shutdown, Bush Funeral letters
I think Lynn's accounts of Kavanaugh, the reason for the Sunspot observatory shutdown, and the contents of the letters handed out during the Bush funeral offer the best logically consistent explanations.

If she is making this up, how is she doing it in such a logical, consistent way? I can't really find any inconsistencies or contradictions in her accounts.

What do you guys think?

Bush funeral:

Sunspot observatory shutdown:

Kavanaugh allegations:

She also has a blog with transcripts of the above vids. Let me post a few quotes:

Bush funeral:

"So I thought it would be best to tackle these one at a time. Let's start with Hilary... I feel like all the messages were short and to the point. Somewhat cryptic, like a Q Anon post, but direct enough that they knew something was happening. I get Hilary's said something to the effect of "We're almost ready for you" and alluding to something about Gitmo (but in a code that only a Secretary of State would understand).

Biden.. I get it was a mock ticket to a very "special island" that is know for "pedocentric" activity. It was done in a joking way, but one that he knew what the message was (and it wasn't funny to him)."

"As I look underground, I get there is a fairly large study of ETs going on. I hear the facility needed to be underground for security and also to dull the ability of other ETs to sense what was going on (and possibly come for a rescue). I see they had some ETs that look to either be frozen or perhaps deceased (they are floating in water). I also see another that looks to to be in a glass cage. The being looks to be a grey, and fairly submissive (then I hear the phrase "not by choice, but by force"). It looks like many tests are being done on him (I see what looks like some kind of patches on his head that can send / receive messages wirelessly).

It looks as though there was a breach in security that allowed the Grey to escape. He really is very intelligent, and should not have been underestimated. When he escaped and made it outside, he was able to "call" a fellow ship to get him. At the time of the escape, people were evacuated and they closed down the Observatory in fear of a retaliation. I get this location is monitored remotely, as they feel some kind of interaction is imminent. I see this facility being closed for a while until they can be sure they are safe and secure. When it finally reopens, I get there will be a "remodel" with enhanced security and upgrades."

"I do get there was some trauma endured by Ford. She had a point in her high school years that she drank, like many of her friends (which was admitted and just what they did). During one of "those" nights, she had a very scary and traumatic encounter. Luckily it was stopped, but that doesn't change the fact that it stuck with her and haunted her for years. She didn't know or remember who it was that caused her this pain, but it was very real."

Link to her blog:
[link to psychicfocus.blogspot.com (secure)]

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12/19/2018 01:45 AM

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Re: is Lynn psychic?? Best explanations of Kavanaugh, Sunspot shutdown, Bush Funeral letters
I think she has rosacea...
sub veste, invenimus in homine. Sub hominem, invenimus ejus nucleus.