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Rome placed Christmas on Dec. 25th because it was an adopted Roman holiday and therefore a way for The Church of Rome to please The Romans and get pagans to join the church. The Romans celebrated solstice on Dec. 25th because their method of calculation involved a pillar which the sun had to move north of, they then waited till the sun came south again appearing on the southern side of the pillar before declaring an official solstice, a process which took 4 days. The Church of Rome adopted this day amongst many other Pagan Holidays as their own in order to convince people to join their church. Isn’t it ironic that Christ’s Birthday is celebrated on a holiday unique to the Romans who killed the Christians. Bethlehem at a high altitude, is cold in winter, flocks are kept inside (in mangers), and are only out at pasture in the warmer (summer) months, The Bible says that the manger was empty awaiting Christ’s birth and that the flocks were in the field at the time of his birth.

(The following is a draft only I am checking scriptures to confirm)-
There is also a story of Nimrod in the Bible. Nimrod was the ruler of Babel during the construction of the tower to heaven, built to confront God. When the people were scattered by the confounding of their language, Nimrod’s body was torn into several parts, his mother, (whom he had married) then ordered the people to go out and gather evergreens and decorate them in honor of her departed son as an attempt to consolidate power. Nimrod’s birthday was Dec. 25th. The prophet Jeremiah warns against this practice, saying cursed are those who go into the forest and cut a tree to decorate it.
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