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 Quoting: Grace1111

YEP, this knowledge was probably some of the text that was stripped from the Bible during The Council of Nicaea, and then again by King James.

The Council of Nicaea, was held in the year 325, and was called forth by the emperor Constantine. This was the first ecumenical council of the Christian church, and was held in ancient city of Nicaea. Many books of the bible were removed by this council. Then again under the direction of King James in 1611 more books were removed. So to the person going on and on about the KJV of the Bible, it was a MAN named King James who commissioned the consolidating of the bible, * a going through all available scripture to discern which would be allowed and which would be thrown out as heretic . The books he removed are labeled as the apocryphal books because they were never acknowledged as sacred scriptures.
So tell me again about the authenticity of the modern Bible?
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