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Poster Handle Master Of Righteousness
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The three kings were religious scholars known as the Magi - revered Babylonian astronomers and astrologists. They studied the stars and planets, interpreting the meaning behind cosmic events. Anything very unusual was considered an omen, so the star must have been both rare and visually spectacular.

The world missed the end time astronomical signs just like God said they would.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76832089

Four, and they are wise men, not kings.

Three made it, one did not turned up.

And king Herod the tyrant and king of Zionist J-ews who cannot maje up his mind if he is a Greek or a J-ew..

.. was never with these three wise men and they never return to Herod because they knew that Herod will kill Lord Jesus.

You know nothing truthful but had been brainwashed by Zionists evil deeds.

And King Herod the tyrant ordered all child un to the age of two to be slain.

Who was also G H.W "Nebuchadnezzar" Bush.

Not to forget John the Baptist head on the dish ordered by king Herod.
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