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Message Subject TIME travel Theory
Poster Handle Patriot_In_Waiting
Post Content
Ok I’m back at the compound, I can get started !
Amazon has to carry flux capacitors right?
 Quoting: Patriot_In_Waiting

It's the shape of the flux capacitor that is of interest.
 Quoting: BohemianExile

I’m kinda leaning that way of thinking as well !

Funny how actually close they may be......but didn’t realize People will connect the dots eventually (or didn’t care at that point).

I think it’s possible.....I will start very soon I’m thinking
Just need to start gathering copper (I think) and A CRAPLOAD of Magnificent Rare Earth magnets...of multiple shape and size combinations!

And oddly.....a hairdryer for some of the components.
 Quoting: Patriot_In_Waiting

LOl! WTF are you making you crazy fucking GLP magician hahhahahaahah. 5 stars bud :)
 Quoting: Corosive

We will see ! But even my wife says I sound crazy lol
But the fun part is.....if I build it and it works, nobody will call me crazy lol
Or I’ll turn myself inside out and everyone will say “Told you so !”
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