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Dog Cysts Planted With Ears of Corn In Iowa

Early Detection
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United States
06/03/2007 05:26 AM
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Dog Cysts Planted With Ears of Corn In Iowa
It seems that an Iowa farmer had several dogs with numerous cysts, he had the removed. After discovering k-9 dna within the cells of the removed dog cysts, he decided to have an experiement & planted them with with his monsanto GM con crop.

Henry Sarget was quote as saying he'll have extra large ears thanks to his GM corn crop this year & when combined with the 256 dog cysts he'll also be experimenting with an organic form of early burglar detection. Mr Sarget attributes the GM corn & his rare breed of hunting dog dna to actually creating a corn plant that yelp & bark when strangers are sighted, saying the corn will be detect movement at 5-8 miles aways.

Mr Sarget may've stumbled upon the first organic form of Eschelon, currently the Navy is looking into combing duck cysts with money weed suggesting the monkey weed could be used to patrol along shores of enemy shorelines & also could be used at local parks to keep litterbugs at bay.