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Message Subject The Jacket/Human Flesh 2005 Decoded!
Post Content
Just noticed in the jacket movie we have intel identical to inception of our real body to be badly injured while dreaming human life.

Similar intel we also have in robocop movie and even in avatar 2009 with the injured from war lucy. In jacket the protagonist was also injured from war.

Forgot to mention the sungate subliminal that was shown in the jacket movie.

Every time they would put him in the morgue drawer when he was about to enter the dreamworld the camera would zoom in on his pupil and go through it while his pupil had a gold ring around it symbolizing our very sun.

Remembered also in gods of egypt movie the lunar boss looking for someone to replace him/take his place like he did in the potc movie so his replacement takes all the blame and punishment when they come looking for him.

So that makes me wonder if i ever wake up on the moon in my real body, would the real lunar boss greet me or a counterfeit one hahahaha!
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