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Message Subject The Jacket/Human Flesh 2005 Decoded!
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Couple more things i noticed from the jacket movie.

It was told the lunar boss/mad scientist was running a behavior modification program on us which reminded me identical intel from cypher movie and what CIA does to many people according to a famous youtube psychologist.

They put you to sleep for a week straight and during that they play constant audio and video to your brain which overwrites your current personality and you wake up as someone else.

This life we live in with the new names, personalities, experiences we get can play the exact same role, been put there to overwrite our past self from before we were put to sleep.

In fallout new vegas old world blues dlc was shown in detail the whole process of the behavior modification program/cypher style identity switch and the important role the new name our family gives us plays in the whole process.

The other thing that was shown in jacket movie was the hive mind/human brains network(similar to the ghost in the shell 2017) the lunar boss has created while have us all sleeping in his morgue drawers. This is similar to matrix and the brain supercomputer attics/hives from dollhouse tv series.

This was shown in the jacket movie symbolically in the scene where jack was telling the lunar boss "we all stay with you"=connected to your hive mind. See professor x cerebro human hive mind where all lifeforms on earth are connected to his machine.

One more thing worth mentioning, inside the morgue drawer the top part was like a mirror and reminded me the intel from huntsman movies with ravenna after she died getting trapped in a golden black goo mirror and neo from matrix that was consumed by a silver goo mirror too after he was put on pills/drugs by morpheus like jack in the jacket movie.

Holy moly how identical all movies ending up be man!
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