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Message Subject The Jacket/Human Flesh 2005 Decoded!
Post Content
Some more interesting intel from jacket movie.

-Becker claimed he was trying to create
a womb-like environment for his patients.
-Fucking womb.
It wasn't a fucking womb.
Look, I have to find out how I die.

In the soul traps thread we had decoded long ago of the similarities between womb and tomb and this is exactly what this movie showed and riddick 2013 after he was seriously injured by some beasts he entered literally a tomb the shape of an egg to heal and then was born a new man calling also a crime how he got himself civilized/symbolism of our human life.

Solving his own murder was exactly what robocop was trying to do in the 2014 movie which had blew me away.

Imagine you give birth to a son or daughter and first thing they try to do is solve their murder, f*ck school, f*ck jobs who killed me who killed me and buried me in the flesh/jacket? hahaha that would be some mind blowing stuff!

Thread: Robocop 2014 Decoded! Artificial Intelligence Is A Scam! This Is How You Kill Skynet Before It Is Born! Spread The Word Guys!
Thread: Riddick 2013 Decoded (Vital Memo for your Soul, you might wanna Read this)!

Funny how we got it all wrong on what's most important in life.

Become a successful civilized sheep heading for reslaughter and reincarnation or solve the mystery of this world/farm and take back control of your future/destiny etc which is the true freedom.

Then again there's intel the bad guys of this farm are going down and they count on us killing our saviors/their enemies so sit back chill and remember to do nothing when they count on you to do something might be the key to victory like the famous saying

"the only winning move is not to play!"

Sounds easy but look in history how easy the masses get manipulated to dance on their masters tunes and play their games! countless wars countless rebellions yet the bad guys always stay on top.

Doing nothing sounds easy but history proves humans love action and playing the game they are put on to the bone no matter the consequences of their actions or who really gets benefited from them.
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