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Message Subject The Jacket/Human Flesh 2005 Decoded!
Post Content
Reminding me of riddick 2013 just noticed how literally we can relate to riddick a king that was betrayed and literally fell on earth from the sky, buried alive, became civilized/human until like odysseus made it back to his kingdom and slaughtered the traitor spiderwebface that backstabbed him and stole his throne and entire kingdom.

At 0:26 moon looks to have taken major damage from an advanced weapon most obviously.

Hahaha looking forward to that day!

At 0:40 holy shit krone/cronus/satan supposed to be our ride home reminded me identical intel from guardians of the galaxy where he was supposed to give a ride/return a son to his father but he kidnapped him instead and had him live in his spaceship as a slave that was full of cannibals acting also as his savior from the cannibals lol!

I have decoded intel from countless hollywood movies of us to have been literally kidnapped from our real ancient families who are looking for us to find us and punish our criminals.
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