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Message Subject The Jacket/Human Flesh 2005 Decoded!
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All these hollywood movies telling the same story remind me the countless media that get their script from the same source and get embarrassed when they are being found out and exposed in side by side videos.

This shows hollywood has identical agenda to the media and being run and controlled by the very same people.

I imagine one guy writes a script and orders countless producers to make movies around that script.

This is not entertainment man this is blatant manipulation of the masses just like the media does!

I remember back in 2009-2012 all entertainment industry, movies, videogames etc were so depressing like they were doing some mass psyop to infect everyone with depression!

I remember the deus ex human revolution that came out during that period to be so on purpose depressive compared to the first deus ex i played which was super fun, motivational, exciting, inspiring etc and really felt like the elite were going out of their way to depress us during that period.

Not to mention the countless phone calls i was getting about people and friends i knew from back in the usmc where i served between 2004-2008 suiciding/droping like flies!
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