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Message Subject Gang of youths rob beachgoers in Melbourne Australia...
Poster Handle AnonymousCoward2.0
Post Content
[link to www.abc.net.au (secure)]

"A group of youths in Melbourne has been accused of attacking male beachgoers and stealing from the bags of swimmers in a series of incidents police have described as deeply disturbing."

"Police said the group — whose members were described as being of African appearance and aged in their late teens and early 20s — "approached" the unattended belongings of swimmers on the beach.

A male swimmer who confronted them was assaulted by the group, which then fled with mobile phones and purses, police said."

More at the link.

Lefttards' global program to destroy western society is winning in Melbourne, where the influx of refugees from war-torn African countries is forever changing the human landscape and fabric of Melbourne, once considered by many to be Australia's most livable city. Now residents live in fear of being preyed upon by gangs of African youths who may live in Australia, but whose minds and hearts are firmly stuck in the Congo or Rwanda or whatever war-torn shithole we saved them from.
 Quoting: Bearded Clam

Not shocked at all. Africans do African things.
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