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Intermediary beta cucks Are Funnelers for deep State

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United States
12/31/2018 03:30 PM
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Intermediary beta cucks Are Funnelers for deep State
What is the New Markets Tax Credit and how does it work? The credit provides an incentive for investment in low-income communities. The US Treasury competitively allocates tax credit authority to intermediaries that select investment projects. Investors receive a tax credit against their federal income tax.

Waste, fraud and abuse occurs greatest where there is compartmentalized oversight, and middlemen intermediaries.

Tax credit authority, selectively disperses tax credits, hires for profit (competitive)intermediaries, to choose pet projects.

How many other tax credit schemes?
Are any secret, as well as select?

Can non chosen sue for discrimination?

Besides tax credits and quantitative easing, what else does the us Treasury COMPETITIVELY ALLOCATE?

Allocations are funnels.
Where are the the allotments/allocations audits?

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