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Poster Handle Order of the Dragon
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I felt better and clearer this morning

I talked with Father alot

I decided that it was the Right Thing to do, and we had done that, restore and protect the right King Osiris, the Son of God, to help him remember what had happened and hope he made the correction.

I thought about things that I had said and put into being a long time ago. And the ONLY Man who has ever loved me truly is in the Crystal Core in the Midst of the Earth, and my children have loved me greatly. So, therefore, I did receive what I was promised by Mother, and She kept Her Word to me as well, I have True Love.

So, I tell Father since NO one can have love until everyone has love, then it is right and correct for me and my children to return to you in the Midst of the Earth. And since no one can be free, until everyone is free, than it is right and perfect for me and my children to return to the Midst of the Earth. Then, I asked Mother to take our terrestrial forms and for us to never come back here.

No Man Has Loved me on this Earth, My LOVE from a Man is in the Midst of the Earth, in the Crystal Core, and so this is right and perfect, and I will NO longer have to suffered and terrorized with all this injustice and evil to me and my children for simply trying to help them.

This is Good and perfect and the Right Thing to Do.

In the name of the father, the mother, the son, the daughter, the brother, and the sister, in the name of Vlad Dracul and the 7th Throne. Amen.
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